Graduation – El Dorado Hills, California


I can hardly believe that this beautiful young lady that I adore is graduating from Oak Ridge High School, in El Dorado Hills, California. I have watched Savannah grow from a middle schooler, to baby sitting my children, to becoming a driver and soon enough graduating in a few short days!  Why does time have to go so quickly?!?

Savanah’s favorite thing about high school was all the people she met and the memories she made with friends.  She spent several years cheering at Oak Ridge High School and was a big part of Youth and Government.

What will she miss most about high school?  She will miss all of her teachers and friends that had a positive impact on her. I am betting she’ll miss driving my son and her brother to high school daily:)  I know I will miss that!!!  

She will be heading off to Chico State, where she will be majoring in Liberal Studies with an integrated program to earn her teaching credential.  Once she is done with college she hopes to become an elementary school teacher.

When I asked her what she was most proud about at this point in her life, she responded with….. I am most proud of how I’ve grown as a person.  I have learned so much these past four years about myself and about life.  From all of the experiences she has had in high school she is confident, comfortable and happy with who she is as a person.  A girl after my own heart…..FREE TO BE….BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!

If you are a junior currently and you know you are going to want senior pictures taken by me this fall, now is the time to get on my books. Call me at 310-483-677.  



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