Jake, Ted, and Fred

Jake wanted to build a robot on this particular day. I said yes even though I had a thousand other things I needed to be doing. The robot turned out cuter than I expected so I asked Jake if he wanted to go on an adventure with Ted, his teddy bear, and his new buddy, Fred, the robot. I also requested that Jake wear his dragon costume that he insisted on having last Halloween but then refused to wear because it was too hot. (Mama wasn’t too happy about that $50 costume not getting used last year. Now, I can say I am happy we bought that costume:) Our adventure started out a little rocky with much complaining about how hot the costume was…..the picture of him squatting down on the log is him refusing to go on the adventure because he wanted the costume off. I distracted him and started talking about Fred and how cool he was. I then asked Jake to go fix his arm and told him to show Fred how fast he could run. From that point on it was nothing but giggles and fun! Our next book is all about a robot from outer space visiting a little boy and his bear. I sure treasure these adventures and the stories we create together. #theBESTyes #eldoradohills #kimberlykphotography #potterybarnkids

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