Chloe / Oak Ridge High School, El Dorado Hills / Senior Portraits

I have loved working with Chloe over this past year and a half! We were able to capture so many beautiful pictures for her in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Davis, and Sacramento while she was on my Free to Be model team. It was truly a blessing to get to know her and work with her.

Chloe loved her time at Oak Ridge High School. What she enjoyed most about it was being able to see her friends everyday and creating lasting friendships. She created so many great memories through classes, football games and her dance company.

When I asked her what she would miss most about high school she said she was going to miss all the people she grew up with, all of her favorite teachers and her first of the month Dutch Brother Traditions in Granite Bay and Folsom.

In the fall she will be heading off to Arizona State. Go Wildcats!!! She will be majoring in business with a minor in fashion design. Did you say fashion? A girl after my own heart!!!

What does Chloe dream of for her future? She would like to start her own clothing brand that specializes in the fit of clothing that suites all body types. Chloe knows from experience how hard it can be to find clothes that fit right and she would love to make clothes that girls everywhere could feel confident in. After college and starting her business she looks forward to starting a family and traveling the world. I must say, I am digging her future goals!!!

At this point in her life she is most proud of her Depop shop that she started a couple of years ago here in El Dorado Hills before she was even able to drive a car. She would go thrift shopping with her mom or friends and get a bunch of stuff that she could alter and then give it a new look. After she put her creative touch on these pieces she would then turn around and sell them. Since starting that business, it has inspired her to alter old clothes and turn them into something new and hip! This whole process has taught her a lot about the fashion industry and has definitely inspired her to start her own brand. Go Chloe, go!!!

I am going to miss shooting with this young lady, but am so excited to see all the wonderful things that will be unfolding for her in her future! Come back and visit us here in El Dorado Hills Miss Chloe! xo, Kimberly

Do you need senior pictures late summer or early fall? Now is the time to reach out to me and get your date reserved. Call me at 310-483-6787 to discuss what you would like me to capture for you! I can’t wait to meet and work with you!

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