Graduation Pictures ~ El Dorado Hills, CA

Congratulations Emily, Class of 2020, Vista Del Lago High School!!! We took Miss Emily’s graduation pictures in El Dorado Hills. I must say the beautiful light shining down on her and those little yellow flowers in the background had me oh so happy!!

The thing Emily enjoyed most about high school was being involved in student government, cheer & stunt, and experiencing senior year with all of her friends.

When I asked her what she was going to miss most about high school she replied, traditions like rallies and games. She is also going to miss her favorite teachers.

Miss Emily will be heading off to Cal Poly to earn a degree in marketing. This is no surprise to me! Two things that she told me about on her interest survery back in October 2018 when I met with her was she wanted to attend Cal Poly and she was interested to see how I marketed my business. I think it’s so cool to watch a young person set a goal and go for it!!! Way to go Miss Emily!

What is a future dream of hers? She would like for this pandemic to end so she can study abroad. (I am praying BIG on this topic!)

One of the things that Emily is most proud about at this point of her life is how she and the Class of 2020 have handled this challenging time! I can’t agree with her more on this……GREAT JOB CLASS of 2020!!

Emily has enjoyed her time on the Free to Be model team and is thrilled to have portraits to always remind her of the fun times she had with all of her friends on the team. That made my day hearing that!!! Every senior should have pictures that they love!

If you haven’t had your senior pictures / cap and gown pictures taken yet, I would LOVE the opportunity to work with you! Call me at 310-483-6787.

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