El Dorado Hills ~ Kailey Timms

Spring has officially arrived here in El Dorado Hills, California and I couldn’t be happier to see beautiful flowers popping up all over town. When these flowers show up, I suddenly get really busy taking senior pictures and family pictures! Why? Because these flowers will only be around for a few weeks so I have to get all my clients in in before all this beauty disappears!

This young lady, Kailely Timms, is currently on my Free to Be model team. She is a junior at Oak Ridge High School. She loves cheerleading and spreads joy everywhere she goes! I think these flower fields in El Dorado Hills were perfect for her. Flower fields tend to make people happy, so it only made sense that Kailey should be right in the middle of that field of HAPPINESS!

If you are one of those people who just has to have your senior pictures or family pictures in a field of gold, now is the time! Call me ASAP to get your session booked. You can call me at 310-483-6787. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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