Happy Valentine’s Day, El Dorado Hills

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  It’s a great day to celebrate all of those people we love and then after today continuing to celebrate them for the remaining 364 days of the year:)  

These two cuties have the sweetest friendship!  About four years ago we took them downtown Folsom for their first photo shoot together and let’s just say…..it was adorable.  Four years later, countless gymnastic classes and video games played together we decided to go back down to Sutter Street in Folsom and create a little friendship shoot with the theme of Valentines Day in mind.  

Ummmm….it was the cutest thing to watch these two friends in action!   If they should ever fall in love in the very distant future I will have pictures ready for their wedding slide show!  

Have a wonderful day full of much love!  xoxo

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